Adomitis Only Snapper Cut as Initial NFL Rosters Set

Today is normally an eventful one for long snappers, but this year continues to be highly unusual for snappers. Rookie Cal Adomitis was waived by the Bengals, as veteran Clark Harris beat another challenger.

It looks like Jack Coco will start the season in Green Bay as the only rookie snapper. Coco’s story is an incredible one, as he didn’t snap for Georgia Tech this past season and only did short snapping in prior years. He parlayed a Packers tryout into a training camp contract and now an NFL roster spot.

Client Liam McCullough will join Coco as the only new snappers on an NFL roster this season, as McCullough will snap for the Falcons after two seasons competing in training camp with the Raiders.

Veteran snappers Aaron Brewer (Cardinals) and Jake McQuaide (Cowboys) were also released today but due to roster space issues and both should be brought back by their teams soon.

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