Kevin Gold


Kevin Gold is an NFLPA Certified Contract Advisor and creator of the award-winning Web site, dedicated to football long snapping. was founded in 2000 and, in April 2009, converted to its current blog format. Mr. Gold has been featured in the national media for his unique sports representation practice, including the USA Today, Los Angeles Times, New York Daily News and SIRIUS NFL Radio. Mr. Gold has negotiated in excess of 60 NFL player contracts.

Mr. Gold received his Bachelor of Arts and graduated cum laude from the State University of New York at Albany and received his Juris Doctor from Widener University School of Law.




6 Responses to Kevin Gold

  1. Brenna thiem says:

    We are looking for a coach/trainer for our son, near the Houston/Galveston area do you know of anyone? Thank you. We can be reached at or
    Thank you!
    Brenna Thiem

    • longsnap says:

      One of my former clients, Bryan Pittman, lives in the Houston area and previously snapped for the Texans and a few other NFL teams. He may be able to help. His email is and cell is (281) 414-1714.


  2. Drew says:

    Has there ever been a list put together of everyone who has handled long snapping duties throughout NFL history? I know it hasn’t been a sole position until fairly recently (for example, I remember Brian Kinchen being both the longsnapper AND starting tight end in Cleveland) and before the 1980s or so it was often just a skill the regular center had to learn, but I’ve been trying to find who did it for every team in my lifetime and then further back. With some research and speculation, I have it back to about 1985 so far.

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