Godsil Invited to NFL Combine

The NFL Combine starts at the end of the month in Indianapolis and just one long snapper, Dan Godsil of Indiana, has been invited.  Godsil also played in the Senior Bowl last month.

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NFL Special Teams Coach Update

All 32 NFL teams now have a special teams coach in place following the usual changes that occur at the end of each season.

Below is a comprehensive summary of all of the changes since the end of the regular season.

ST COACHES IN: Ben Kotwica (Falcons), Heath Farwell (Bills), Mike Preifer (Browns), John Bonamego (Lions), Shawn Mennenga (Packers); Danny Crossman (Dolphins); Marwan Maalouf (Vikings);  Keith Armstrong (Buccaneers) and Nate Kaczor (Redskins).

ST COACHES OUT: Keith Armstrong (Falcons), Danny Grossman (Bills), Amos Jones (Browns), Devin Fitzsimmons (Lions), Ron Zook (Packers), Darren Rizzi (Dolphins), Mike Priefer (Vikings), Nate Kaczor (Buccaneers) and Ben Kotwica (Redskins).

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Snappers for the Inaugural Season of the Alliance of American Football

Long snappers who want to play at the professional level but have not been able to crack an NFL roster have limited options.  The CFL uses Canadian snappers and the indoor leagues do not punt.  Although other leagues have tried to fill the void, most have failed.

The Alliance of American Football aims to be different and will start the week after the Super Bowl.  There are eight teams and each has a dedicated long snapper on the roster.

Here are the snappers for each team.

Arizona: Nick Dooley

Atlanta: Jeff Overbaugh

Birmingham: Cole Mazza

Memphis: Ryan Navarro

Orlanda: Drew Ferris

Salt Lake City: Colton Taylor

San Antonio: Scott Daly

San Diego: Ryan DiSalvo

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The Importance of the Long Snapper According to Joe Judge of the Patriots

Amid all the Super Bowl hype was an excellent story by Andrew Callahan on Masslive.com  regarding the assistant coaches for the Patriots and what it takes to play for them.  Of note was special teams coach Joe Judge’s comments on the snapper as an overlooked part of special teams.

Here is the entire quote from Judge, since any long snapper will appreciate his comments:

“The importance of the long snapper. Without him having a good snap, it’s extremely hard for a Ryan (Allen) to have a good punt or Steve (Gostkowski) to have a good kick. And you factor in the details of people rushing him, people hitting him, weather situations of rain, snow and cold. There’s a lot of things that go into it that you take for granted like, ‘Oh he’s just snapping a ball.’

“Well, you try and throw a perfect spiral at someone’s left hip at 15 yards in a rainstorm with someone trying to take your head off and your head between your legs.”

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NFL Special Teams Unit Rankings

One of the more interesting aspects of NFL special teams units at this time of year is the annual rankings that are released to measure performance.

Rick Gosselin is famous for his 22 kicking game criteria rankings and has just published his ranking of all 32 teams for another year.  Pro Football Focus and Eric Eager do their own weighing and evaluation to come up with their unique rankings.

The top five and bottom five for each are below:


TOP 5 (1-5): Jets, New Orleans, Kansas City, Miami and Arizona

BOTTOM 5 (28-32): Tampa Bay, Chargers, Cleveland, Buffalo and Green Bay


TOP 5 (1-5): Kansas City, New Orleans, Detroit, Minnesota and Jets

BOTTOM 5 (28-32): Tampa Bay, Pittsburgh, Green Bay, Buffalo and Cleveland


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Skinner Wins Chris Rubio Award for Top High School Snapper

Quinten Skinner, a senior from Georgia, was selected as the top high school long snapper this weekend in Las Vegas by the selection committee for the Chris Rubio Award.  The committee includes current and former professional long snappers.  I am one of the committee members for the Award that started in 2011.

Skinner will be attending LSU.  The two other finalists were Simon Samarzich who will be attending Washington State and Drew Little who will attend North Carolina.

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Comprehensive NFL Snapping Update Before Conference Championships

With the AFC and NFC Championship games tomorrow, it is a good time to take a look at the many developments impacting long snappers since the end of the regular season.

Here are the latest news on a tryout, future signings, playoff tackles and special teams coaching changes all in one place:

TRYOUT: Tanner Carew (Chargers)

FUTURE SIGNINGS: Taylor Pepper (Giants), Christian Kuntz (Jaguars) and Zach Triner (Buccaneers)

TACKLES: LP Ladouceur (Cowboys) (0,1) (Divisional Round)

ST COACHES OUT: Keith Armstrong (Falcons), Danny Grossman (Bills), Amos Jones (Browns), Darrin Simmons (Bengals), Ron Zook (Packers), Darren Rizzi (Dolphins), Mike Priefer (Vikings), Nate Kaczor (Buccaneers) and Ben Kotwica (Redskins)

ST COACHES IN: Ben Kotwica (Falcons), Heath Farwell (Bills), Mike Preifer (Browns) and Keith Armstrong (Buccaneers)

ST COACHES OPEN: Bengals, Packers, Dolphins Vikings and Redskins

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