Cox and McQuaide Named Pro Bowl Snappers

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The AFC and NFC Pro Bowl teams will each have dedicated snappers again this year.  Morgan Cox of the Ravens will make his second straight Pro Bowl appearance for the AFC squad, while Jake McQuaide of the Rams will snap for the NFC and make his Pro Bowl debut.  The game will take place next Sunday.

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Mannelly Acknowledges the “Original Snappers”

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Former Bears long snapper Patrick Mannelly runs his own excellent snapping website at  The other day, Mannelly posted on his blog a nice story acknowledging some of the snappers who helped developed the position when it became more specialized in the 90’s.

Mannelly wrote the post after training some snappers for this year’s NFL Draft and realizing they did not recognize the names of the influential  snappers.

Below are the snappers that Mannelly named that deserve recognition for helping to make the position what it is today.  Mannelly should also be recognized for his valuable contributions as well.

Mike Bartrum                 93-06 TE 171 Games Played

David Binn                      94-10 LS 256 Games Played

Blair Bush                       78-94 C  246 Games Played

Rob Davis                       96-07 LS 183 Games Played

Steve DeOssie                84-95 LB 175 Games Played

Kendall Gammon          92-06 OL/TE 234 Games Played

Dale Hellastrae              85-01 OL 205 Games Played

Trey Junkin                    83-02 TE 281 Games Played

Brian Kinchen                88-03 TE 193 Games Played

Randy Kirk                     87-99 LB 157 Games Played

Dave Moore                   92-06 TE 220 Games Played

Mike Morris                   87-99 C  188 Games Played

Ed Perry                          97-05 TE 109 Games Played

Mark Rodenhouser       87-99 OL 168 Games Played

Adam Schreiber             84-99 OL 202 Games Played

Dan Turk                         85-99 OL 218 Games Played




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Jets Sign Triner to Future Deal

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Zach Triner became the third long snapper to sign a contract for next season.  Triner, who snapped at Assumption College in Massachusetts, also played Division One lacrosse for Siena College.  He joins Reid Ferguson (Bills) and Jeff Overbaugh (Broncos) as snappers who have signed future deals for the 2017 NFL season.

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Best Special Teamers According to Pro Football Focus

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Pro Football Focus tracks every player on every play in the NFL and special teams are not immune.  PFF recently published the results from its tracking of every special teams player on every special teams play in an article titled “The Best Special Teamers in the NFL in 2016.”

PFF examined every player on the punt team, punt return team, kickoff team, kick return team and field goals and extra points.  Jon Weeks of the Texans was noted as the best long snapper on punts, with just two inaccurate snaps this season.  Jon Dorenbos of the Eagles was cited as the best field goal snapper, with no inaccurate snaps.

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Fletcher Wins Chris Rubio Award

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High school senior Thomas Fletcher won the Chris Rubio Award in Las Vegas last night as the best high school long snapper.  Fletcher will attend Alabama next season and beat out two other senior snappers, Kyle Gibbs who will attend Navy and Mitch Hall who will attend Louisville.

Prior winners of the award are Scott Daly (2011), Cole Mazza (2012), Blake Ferguson (2013 and 2014) and Johnny Den Blyker (2015).


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Book Review-Upside Down Football: An Inside Look at Long Snapping in the NFL

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Author Ted Kluck has just written a book that is easily one of my favorites.  The title, Upside Down Football: An Inside Look at Long Snapping in the NFL may instantly reveal why it is so special.  Admittedly, I am credited, at least in part, with encouraging Kluck to write it.

By way of background, in late 2014, I spoke with Kluck at length about my thoughts about long snapping and those that have played the position.  I recommended that Kluck contact some of my NFL snapping clients for further insight.  I did not think much of the conversation again until recently when I saw a description of the book online that referenced me as “NFL snapping super-agent”.

Kluck’s book, formed around his desire to snap in a professional football game and learning to perfect his own snapping skills to do so, profiles many key figures in the snapping world.  Kluck was kind enough to devote Chapter 2 to me, entitled “Kevin Gold: Agent to the Anonymous” and it was fascinating to read my detailed comments to him in print.  Clients Rob Davis and Bryan Pittman also have their own chapters, as do other key figures in the snapping world, from Chris Rubio to Gary Zauner.

Kluck’s book does a great job of explaining all aspects of the modern snapping industry, from high school and college to the professional level.  The book will be of value and interest to anyone connected to long snapping at any level or that want to learn more about this fascinating position and those who occupy it at the highest levels.

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Reserve/Future Signings and Veteran Free Agency

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With the NFL regular season complete and playoffs about to start, it is a good time to look at some early long snapper signings for next season and the current NFL snappers that are about to become free agents.

With respect to contracts signed for 2017, or so-called reserve/future deals, that do not take effect until the new league year starts in March, two teams have signed a snapper for 2017.  The Broncos added Jeff Overbaugh and the Bills signed Reid Ferguson, who spent a number of weeks on the practice squad in Buffalo.  Both were rookies this season.

A total of 11 snappers will have their contracts expire in the off-season.  These snappers  are free to negotiate with any club once veteran free agency begins in March if not re-signed by their clubs before the start of free agency.

The 11 snappers are:

Thomas Gafford (DEN)

Don Muhlbach (DET)

Brett Goode (GB)

John Denney (MIA)

Justin Drescher (NO)

Zak DeOssie (NYG)

Tanner Purdum (NYJ)

Jon Condo (OAK)

Greg Warren (PIT)

Mike Windt (SD)

Nick Sundberg (WAS)

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