NFL Long Snappers

The final NFL Long Snappers Chart for the 2010-2022 NFL seasons are below.

2019 NFL Season

2018 NFL Season

2017 NFL Season

2016 NFL Season

2015 NFL Season

2014 NFL Season

2013 NFL Season

2012 NFL Season

2011 NFL Season

2010 NFL Season

The long snapper tackle leaders since the 2000 NFL season are:

2022: 5 Overton (DAL)

2021: 6 Harris (ATL)

2020: 5 Hennessy (NYJ), Lovato (PHI)

2019: 4 Hennessy (NYJ), Lovato (PHI)

2018: 5 Brinkley (TEN)

2017: 6 DeOssie (NYG)

2016: 8 DeOssie (NYG)

2015: 8 Weeks (HOU)

2014: 8 DeOssie (NYG)

2013: 9 DeOssie (NYG), Sanborn (BUF)

2012: 8 DeOssie (NYG)

2011: 10 DeOssie (NYG)

2010: 8 Leach (ARI)

2009: 10 Condo (OAK)

2008: 8 St. Louis (CIN)

2007: 9 Neill (BUF)

2006: 6 Davis (GB), Jennings (SF), Leach (DEN)

2005: 8 Katula (BAL)

2004: 8 Dorenbos (PHI)

2003: 8 Binn (SD)

2002: 8 St. Louis (CIN)

2001: 9 Mannelly (CHI)

2000: 7 Aldridge (DET), Banta (NYJ), Snow (IND), Jennings (SF)


2 Responses to NFL Long Snappers

  1. Broncos John says:

    I’m interested in finding a comprehensive grade list or ranking of the best long snappers in NFL for 2022 season. Some kind of performance based ranking instead of salary, etc. Can anyone direct me to one? For existing NFL rather than future prospects.

    • longsnap says:

      I have not seen a grading or ranking that is public. Pro Football Focus grades them but the grades are part of a subscription to their service and not sure how accurate they are as they tend to emphasize tackles. Best bets for the best are looking at who made the Pro Bowl which is voted on by players, coaches and fans and the All Pro Team that is announced at the end of the season

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