NFL Special Teams Unit Rankings

The end of the NFL regular season means that the annual rankings of each special teams unit in the NFL are finalized.  Rick Gosselin, who is famous for his compilation of 22 different kicking game categories, just published his ranking of all 32 special teams units.  New Orleans, under special teams Darren Rizzi, had the top unit, while Tampa Bay was ranked last.

Football Outsiders has its own ranking of special teams units and had Cincinnati, coached by Darrin Simmons, as the top team based on its unique criteria.  The Chargers were ranked last.

The top five and bottom five for each are below:


TOP 5 (1-5): New Orleans, Cincinnati, New England, Washington and Jacksonville

BOTTOM 5 (28-32): Carolina, Indianapolis, Atlanta, Dallas and Tampa Bay


TOP 5 (1-5): Cincinnati, Kansas City, New Orleans, Jets and Houston

BOTTOM 5 (28-32): Tampa Bay, Tennessee, Dallas, Carolina and Chargers

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