Week Fourteen in Review

Week Fourteen is complete and two snappers made their season debuts, as veteran Jon Condo returned to the NFL for Atlanta and Colin Holba snapped for San Francisco.  There were no major snapping issues, although there were a number of missed field goal kicks and extra points.

There may be more controversy brewing following the Seahawks blocked field goal last night against the Vikings.  Bobby Wagner of Seattle lept two defensive lineman to block the kick.  The issue is Wagner may have used his hands for leverage, which is a 15 yard penalty.  However, a penalty was not called.  Based on some other plays this year in which the snapper was involved, this play may get further scrutiny in the off-season.

The other issue that continues to be discussed involves ball movement by the snapper before kick snaps.  Among some of the more interesting discussions following the Mike Windt ball issue from last week’s Monday Night Football game were the comments from former NFL referee Gene Steratore.

Steratore noted that there are many snappers in the NFL known for unique movements before the snap and estimated that 65-70 percent of snappers do something pre-snap.  Steratore also indicated that he, or the game umpire, would always talk to snappers before the game about their pre-snap routines.  We will see if this issue gets addressed in the off-season as well.

Just one snapper, Luke Rhodes of the Colts, recorded a tackle in punt coverage this week.  The NFL Long Snappers Chart for Week Fourteen is below.

2018 Week Fourteen

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