Five Finalists Announced for David Binn Award

Five finalists have just been announced for the first annual David Binn Award given to the best college long snapper.  The finalists are Tyler Griffiths (NC State), Austin Frey (Texas A&M), Blake Ferguson (LSU), Dan Godsil (Indiana) and Wes Farnsworth (Nevada).  All are seniors except Ferguson.

I must admit that when the original list of 50 snappers under consideration for the award was published on Twitter on July 1, it caught me by surprise.  That initial list was later narrowed down to 22 snappers on November 1 before the five finalists were announced on December 7, 2018.

I have not been able to independently confirm whether former Chargers long snapper David Binn has anything to do with the award, but it looks legitimate from what I can determine.  Anyone who has any additional information on the Award can contact me at

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