Book Review-Upside Down Football: An Inside Look at Long Snapping in the NFL

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Author Ted Kluck has just written a book that is easily one of my favorites.  The title, Upside Down Football: An Inside Look at Long Snapping in the NFL may instantly reveal why it is so special.  Admittedly, I am credited, at least in part, with encouraging Kluck to write it.

By way of background, in late 2014, I spoke with Kluck at length about my thoughts about long snapping and those that have played the position.  I recommended that Kluck contact some of my NFL snapping clients for further insight.  I did not think much of the conversation again until recently when I saw a description of the book online that referenced me as “NFL snapping super-agent”.

Kluck’s book, formed around his desire to snap in a professional football game and learning to perfect his own snapping skills to do so, profiles many key figures in the snapping world.  Kluck was kind enough to devote Chapter 2 to me, entitled “Kevin Gold: Agent to the Anonymous” and it was fascinating to read my detailed comments to him in print.  Clients Rob Davis and Bryan Pittman also have their own chapters, as do other key figures in the snapping world, from Chris Rubio to Gary Zauner.

Kluck’s book does a great job of explaining all aspects of the modern snapping industry, from high school and college to the professional level.  The book will be of value and interest to anyone connected to long snapping at any level or that want to learn more about this fascinating position and those who occupy it at the highest levels.

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