Great “New” Source of College Long Snapper Information

One of the unique features of has been the annual compilation of Division One long snappers.  Historically, determining the snappers for each college team has been a very tedious excercise.  It usually involved scouring team depth charts, where available, to determine the starting snapper. 

Of late, I have noticed that football writer Phil Steele has devoted some attention to the long snapping position and even included them in a midseason and postseason All-America team last season.  This year, I picked up his 2011 College Football Preview and stumbled on the list of each team’s returning and, in some cases, back-up snapper included in his 2011 Projected Starting Lineup for each FBS team.

Perhaps Phil Steele has included snappers for years and I just never noticed.  I usually look near the punters and kickers in magazines to determine if a snapper is included, but Phil Steele has included the LS information below each team’s center. 

Look for’s annual compilation of each FBS team’s snapper in the Fall.

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