Top LS Prospects Play the Waiting Game

Like all NFL rookies, the top long snapping prospects from the 2011 NFL Draft are playing the waiting game.  With no snapper drafted and the lockout preventing any undrafted free agent signings, rookie snappers must hope for a quick resolution to the labor dispute before trying to earn their dream of an NFL roster spot. 

Some of the top snapping prospects in this year’s class have been profiled in the media during this unique period in the NFL’s history.  Christian Yount (UCLA), Corey Adams (Kansas State) and, most recently, Danny Aiken (Virginia) have each been the featured players in articles describing their wait to get a shot at an NFL training camp.

On Sunday, Rick Maese of The Washington Post wrote an extensive story about Aiken and how he is spending his time among the recent college graduates that are unemployed.  Maese’s story describes Aiken’s rise to snapping prominence and, along with it, includes some great background material on the growth of snapping as a speciality position in the NFL.

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