Early Week Fifteen in Review; Warren and Houser’s Seasons Over

Week Fifteen had a number of developments, prompting an early post to keep readers up to speed.  There were a number of mishaps in the punt game and on kicks, some of which were bad snaps, poor holds or simply missed kicks.  In addition, two snappers were lost for the season.

Kevin Houser of the Seahawks left the game against the Bucs with what was later determined to be a collapsed lung.  The replacement ended up being cornerback Kelly Jennings, who weighs about 180 pounds, but was the best alternative among linebacker Will Herring and Owen Schmitt.  His lone punt snap was a good one, but underscores the lack of depth teams face when the regular snapper goes down.  The Seahawks are expected to bring back Jeff Robinson for the third time in three seasons.

Steelers snapper Greg Warren suffered a torn ACL on the game-ending extra point against the Packers.  Warren, who suffered a similar injury to his other leg last year, will be replaced again by Jared Retkofsky, who snapped in the UFL this season.  Retkofsky won a Super Bowl ring with the Steelers last season.

Tomorrow’s post will include any additional snapping developments and the tackle stats from Week Fifteen.

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