Sports Illustrated Profiles Punters

The December 21, 2009 issue of Sports Illustrated is out now and features numerous articles about punters and punting.   Among the stories are a close examination of a so-called “Perfect Game” earlier this season when the Browns beat the Bills, due in large part to the punting skills of Browns’ punter Dave Zastudil.  Sports Illustrated also developed its own punter ratings, based on the quarterback rating formula.

After evaluating a variety of criteria, Mat McBriar of the Cowboys had the highest rating of 41.24 among all punters with a minimum of 40 punts through December 7th.  Next was Ben Graham of the Cardinals with 39.76 and Dustin Colquitt of the Chiefs with a 39.22 rating.  Jeremy Kapinos of the Packers was ranked last at 25.98.

Here is a link to the ratings and the rest of the punting articles are also available at

SI’s Punter Ratings

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