New Snapping Moves

Three snappers from the 2023 NFL Draft class have earned rookie mini-camp tryouts. The snappers are Brady Weas (Texans), Tommy Zozus (Jaguars) and Jake Hoffman (Chiefs).

Another snapper, Evan Deckers, earned a contract with the Buccaneers and became the fifth one to sign a contract so far.

Decker and the three tryout snappers join the five snappers, shown below, that earned contracts or, in one case, a tryout that were known as of Saturday evening.

With rookie mini-camps occurring this coming weekend and the following weekend, it is possible that more tryouts opportunities are coming.

Chris Stoll (Seahawks)

Alex Ward (Rams)

Matt Hembrough (Cardinals)

Cam Lyons (Giants)

Robert Soderholm (Seahawks-Tryout)

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