Rick Gosselin’s 2022 NFL Special Teams Rankings

Tomorrow we learn who will play in the Super Bowl but, until then, we have NFL writer Rick Gosselin’s annual evaluation of every NFL team’s special teams units. This year marked the 42nd edition of his rankings and they produced some surprises.

Gosselin ranks every team in 22 kicking-game categories and assigning points for the best to the worst, with the lower total number the better. This year, despite not much success in the win column, the Texans special teams, led by Frank Ross, was the top unit. Ironically, two of the final four teams, the Eagles and Chiefs finished 31st and 32nd.

The top five special teams units were (ranked 1-5):

Houston Texans

Seattle Seahawks

Baltimore Ravens

Carolina Panthers

Buffalo Bills

The bottom five special teams units were (ranked 28-32):

New York Giants

Los Angeles Rams

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Philadelphia Eagles

Kansas City Chiefs

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