Rick Gosselin’s 2020 NFL Special Teams Rankings Released

The end of the NFL regular season means that NFL writer Rick Gosselin’s annual ranking of special teams units soon follow. Gosselin has been doing his rankings for the last 42 years. He ranks all 32 teams in 22 different kicking game categories and assigns a one for the best and 32 for the worst, so the goal is to get the lowest number possible.

This year, the Patriots, under rookie special teams coach Cameron Achord, finished first with 214 points. Seattle was next at 222.5, followed by Detroit (235.5), Indianapolis (244.5) and New Orleans (260.5).

The Chargers had the worst special teams units under Gosselin’s formula, finishing with 519 points. Just above them was Minnesota (518), the Rams (507), Green Bay (492.5) and Cleveland (465).

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