Week Fourteen in Review

Week Fourteen is complete and the NFL continues to get games played, in full and generally as scheduled, despite the pandemic.

In game action, Taybor Pepper (Niners) made a nice play to down a punt at the one- yard line against Washington, while the Vikings kicking unit continues to struggle in field goals and extra points.

I have anticipated all season that any team in contention for the playoffs will look to add an experienced snapper to the practice squad since the time to find a replacement is lengthy due to testing protocols. Rule changes allow the practice squad to consist of 16 players and veterans are eligible. This allows teams to add an experienced snapper in case of emergency, as some teams have done all year.

This week, the Rams became the eighth and latest team to add a veteran to the practice squad by signing Colin Holba. The Texans may add Anthony Kukwa, who is visiting the team and spent time with them previously. Drew Ferris had a tryout with the Chargers this week and veteran Kyle Nelson is expected to tryout with the Raiders.

Two snappers, Cole Mazza (Chargers) and Thomas Hennessy (Jets), each added assisted tackles in punt coverage this week.

The NFL Long Snappers Chart after Week Fourteen is below.

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