NFL Pro Bowl Long Snappers Now Chosen by Fan Vote

Since 2004, the NFL Pro Bowl has included a long snapper on each team. Until last year, the two snappers were selected by each coaching staff, with the limitation that they who could not select their own team’s snapper.

Things changed last season, when all the current long snappers got together and decided to vote amongst themselves to choose the Pro Bowl snappers. That process led to Morgan Cox (Ravens) representing the AFC and Rick Lovato (Eagles) chosen for the NFC squad.

Fan voting has just started for the Pro Bowl for the 2020 season and now the fans will get to choose the snappers just like they do for every other position in the game.

Of course, because it is 2020, this year’s Pro Bowl will be a virtual event, but it will still be very interesting to see the snappers that are chosen by popular vote. While I liked last year’s process to leave it up to current NFL snappers to choose the best two, the fact that snappers have earned the right to be voted on like every other position is still a positive development for the brand.

The long snappers on the ballot are listed, with photos, here:

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