Week Two in Review

Week Two included more crazy special teams play.  After a historic Week One, in which kickers missed a total of 19 kicks, kickers were a bit better this week and the Chiefs and Cowboys both won games with long field goals.  The Cowboys were only in a position to win after recovering a crazy, spinning on-side kick that the Falcons did not touch in an apparent misunderstanding of the recovery rules that allows them to recover the kick immediately.  The opposing team, however, cannot touch the ball until it goes at least 10 yards.

This week was the “Ferguson Bowl”, in which the two Ferguson brothers were the opposing snappers in the Bills game at the Dolphins.  Older brother Reid prevailed over rookie Blake, but this was the first time brothers have snapped against each other in an NFL game.

A few more teams had snappers in for tryouts this past week, including Taybor Pepper and Matt Overton (Colts), Colin Holba (Cardinals) and Andrew DePaola (Ravens), although none have been signed at this point.

Four teams still have a snapper on the practice squad and two of them, the Ravens and Dolphins, have been protecting the extra snapper as one of the four players that cannot be claimed by another team.  Both head coaches explained that the position is hard to fill quickly, so they have been protecting the extra snapper.

In game action, Aaron Brewer of the Cardinals recovered a fumble and Austin Cutting of the Vikings had a solo tackle in punt coverage.  It will not show up in any stat sheet, but Luke Rhodes of the Colts made an athletic play to keep a punt from going into the end zone and the Colts ended up getting a safety after that play.

Apologies to Kameron Canaday of the Steelers, who had a solo tackle last week that was not credited to him.  It has been fixed and included in the NFL Long Snappers Chart after Week Two below.

2020 Week Two

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