A Note about FBS College Long Snappers (and Kickers)

As of today, it appears just 76 FBS football teams will play in this Fall.  Longsnap.com’s exclusive compilation of the long snappers for each FBS squad will be published in early October, after each team has played at least one game.

Many of the top NFL prospects at the snapping position have been sidelined by the cancellation of many conference schedules, leaving Thomas Fletcher of Alabama as the premier prospect among seniors.

Like the snapping position, which benefits from better coaching, training and technology during the past decade, kickers have also thrived. A recent story by Peter Baugh in The Athletic noted that FBS kickers made 74.86% of field goals last season, including 45 kicks 50 yards or longer.  By contrast, in 2000, kickers converted just 67.42% of field goals.

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