College and NFL Snapping Odds and Ends

With NFL training camps opening today, the college season is not far behind.  Things are already heating up for snappers and will continue August 1st, when The Patrick Mannelly Award, for which I am honored to be one of the founders, will announce its Watch List.

Chris Rubio, another Mannelly Award co-founder, just concluded his camp for college snappers in which Blake Ferguson of LSU was crowned the champion.  Former NFL special teams coach Gary Zauner has his own camp in which Liam McCullough of Ohio State was given the award.  Both Ferguson and McCullough are considered top snapping prospects for the 2020 NFL Draft.

Yesterday, SpecialTeamsU announced its own All American Watch List of college snappers, shown below.

Finally, in just the past few days, snappers played a prominent role on social media again, with various #BottleCapChallenge videos from top NFL and college snappers and talk of Madden ratings for NFL snappers.

All of this means meaningful football games are coming soon!

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