Summary of NFL Draft Snapping Transactions

NFL rookie mini-camps ended Sunday and below is a summary of the recent activity at the snapping position regarding those drafted, signed or offered tryouts since the NFL Draft.  Only certain mini-camp tryouts are made public and some are reported incorrectly as contract signings.  Further, depending on the timing, some snappers were able to attend two mini-camps.  Some of the tryout snappers have prior NFL experience, having either been in training camp or having attended prior mini-camp tryouts.

If there are any snappers missing from this list, please let me know by emailing me at


Austin Cutting (Air Force/Vikings)


Kyle Casey (Penn State/Falcons)

Matt Orzech (Azusa Pacific/Ravens)

John Wirtel (Kansas/Bears)

Wes Farnsworth (Nevada/Dolphins)

Nick Moore (Georgia/Saints)

Dan Godsil (Indiana/Buccaneers)


Joe Fortunato (Delaware/Giants)

Nick Reinhardt (Arizona/Browns)

Luke Idoni (Central Michigan/Bears and Lions)

Jacob Bobenmoyer (Northern Colorado/Bears and Broncos)

Patrick Eby (Columbia/Packers)

Owen Gilbert (Marian/Colts)

Lucas Gravelle (TCU/Raiders)

Chris Wilkerson (Stephen F. Austin/49ers and Titans)

Mitchell Fraboni (Arizona State/Cardinals)

Matt Tunnacliffe (Dayton/Bengals)

Tyler Heinsma (Mesa State/Texans)

Anthony Kukwa (Lake Erie/Texans)

AJ Hantak (Eastern Illinois/Patriots)

Drew Ferris (Florida/Redskins)

Zach Roberts (Georgia Tech/Redskins)



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