Snapping Cuts, Signings and Tryouts

It has been an active week at the long snapping position in the NFL.  After Colin Holba was the only snapper to be selected in the NFL Draft, three other snappers signed free agent contracts.  Other snappers were invited to rookie mini-camps that start this week for 12 teams and next weekend for the other 20 teams.  These developments also led some teams to remove snappers from their rosters, including veteran Matt Overton, who was released by the Colts.

Below is the latest summary of moves as of this morning.  Note that tryouts are typically not made public and are often confused and reported as signings.  If there are any snappers missing from this list, please let me know by emailed me at


Colin Holba (Lousiville/Steelers)


Anthony Kukwa (Lake Erie/Raiders)

Thomas Hennessy (Duke/Colts)

Chase Dominguez (Utah/Saints)


Nolan Dowling (Western Kentucky/Chiefs)

Drew Williams (South Carolina/Bucs)

Ryan Navarro (Oregon State/Raiders)

Jake Hurrell (Missouri/Ravens)

Jeremy Salmon (Maine/Saints-originally the Bills)

Cole Mazza (Alabama/Jets)

Darrell Travis (Louisiana Tech/Bengals)

Greg Hohenstein (Bowling Green/Chargers)

Scott Daly (Notre Dame/Bears)

Michael Martin (Illinois/Patriots)

Ty Yazujian (Penn State/Lions)

Josh Appel (Indiana State/Giants)

Paul Rucci (Rowan/Cardinals)

Bradley Northnagel (California/49ers and Colts)


Matt Overton (Colts)

Joe Fortunato (Colts)

Andrew East (Rams)

Jeff Overbaugh (Broncos)

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