Snappers Drafted into New Football League

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For a long snapper that does not make an NFL team, other playing options are very limited.  The Canadian Football League uses non-import snappers and indoor leagues do not need a punt snapper.  Recent attempts to establish other outdoor leagues, such as the UFL and FXFL, have all failed.

Another league, the Major League Football, is looking to get started in April and had a territorial draft this weekend.   Eight snappers were taken in the draft (Trevor Gillette, Mike Morovick, Dallas Noriega, Tyler Kruzel, Trever Kruzel, Brandon Hartson, Drew Howell and Nate Boyer) and the MLFB hopes to play a 10 game season.

If the MLFB can succeed where many others have failed, it will be a great option for all NFL hopefuls, including snappers.  However, many insiders are approaching this new league cautiously in light of the history of other failed efforts to create another outdoor league.

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