Week Twelve in Review

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Week Twelve was the first week that brought a potential change and an actual change at the snapping position.   JJ Jansen of the Panthers was in doubt as to whether he could snap in the Thanksgiving game against the Cowboys.  Jansen was able to snap but, in a precautionary move, the Panthers signed former Patriot Danny Aiken.  Aiken was waived after being inactive for the game.

The Bears signed client Patrick Scales after the game against the Packers.  Scales, who was previously featured in this post about his long journey to the NFL, will replace Thomas Gafford starting in Week Thirteen.  This will be the first snapping move of the NFL season.

Multiple snappers recorded tackles in punt coverage, led by Joe Cardona of the Patriots, who tallied his first three tackles of his career in one game.  Andrew DePaola (Buccaneers), Jonathan Weeks (Texans), Mike Windt (Chargers) and Beau Brinkley (Titans) had solo stops and Jake McQuaide (Rams) and Nick Sundberg (Redskins) chipped in with assisted tackles.

The NFL Long Snappers Chart after Week Twelve is below.

Week Twelve NFL Long Snappers Chart

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