Snappers with NFL Mini-Camp Tryouts

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With one snapper drafted and four signing contracts right after the Draft, still other snapping prospects are being given opportunities to impress at rookie mini-camps over the next two weekends.

Unfortunately, many teams do not release information about tryout players. However, my own research has found the names of over 10 snappers who have been given tryouts. Below is a list of names and teams.  All of the names are from this year’s Draft class and at least two snappers have been invited to more than one mini-camp.

Buffalo: Sam Rodgers

Carolina: Charlie Coggins/Grant Donovan

Denver: Harrison Barnes

Detroit: Trever Kruzel

Green Bay: Thor Hadfield

Houston: Chris Highland

Minnesota: Jesse Schmitt

New Orleans: Chris Highland

Jets: Drew Ferris

Pittsburgh: Matt Dooley

Tampa Bay: Casey Freeman

Washington: Grant Donovan

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