LS Nate Boyer is the Most Improbable NFL Prospect

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Regular readers of are already very familiar with the incredible story of Nate Boyer and his journey to college long snapper at the University of Texas.  Now, at age 34, Boyer is trying to add another chapter by getting into an NFL camp.

Today, Peter King of The MMQB included Boyer as his lead in his regular Monday column.  King has already called it one of his favorite stories and labelled Boyer “The NFL’s Most Improbable Prospect.”

King’s piece does an excellent job describing Boyer’s history and laying out the pros and cons that Boyer faces to make the NFL.  The obstacles include the lack of turnover at the snapping position, his age and size (Boyer is 5′ 11” and 220 pounds).  To his credit, however, Boyer has the accuracy and speed for the position and the support of Colts snapper Matt Overton.

Although many long snappers looking for a shot in the NFL face similar barriers, Boyer’s history suggests that he has overcome much larger odds.  As a result, it is hard to bet against him.

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