Week Sixteen in Review

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Week Sixteen of the NFL season is complete and just one week remains before the playoffs.  The normally reliable Cullen Loeffler of the Vikings bounced a punt snap late in the game against the Dolphins that led to a game-winning safety.  Daren Bates of the Rams blocked a field goal attempt by the Giants by timing a jump over snapper Zak DeOssie. Patrick Scales made his NFL regular season debut with the Ravens against the Texans.

In last week’s Monday Night game, the Bears attempted a bizarre fake punt with just 10 men on the field.  There were a number of other critical errors on the play, including the fact that they had only six players on the line of scrimmage, which is illegal.  Snapper Jeremy Cain lined up to the left of the left tackle and offensive lineman Ryan Groy actually snapped the ball.  In addition,  Groy snapped the ball with one hand, not the two-handed approach a long snapper would typically use.

Four snappers, Beau Brinkley (Titans), Jeremy Cain (Bears), Zak DeOssie (Giants) and Aaron Brewer (Broncos) recorded solo tackles in punt coverage this week.

The NFL Long Snappers Chart after Week Sixteen is below.

Week Sixteen NFL Long Snappers Chart

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