NFL Long Snappers List on Twitter

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Last September, I debuted a Twitter list I created containing only the tweets of active NFL long snappers.  For those interested, click the link below and you can subscribe to this list.

Of the 32 current NFL snappers, just four do not appear to have a Twitter account.  The four are Aaron Brewer (Broncos), John Denney (Dolphins), Greg Warren (Steelers) and Mike Windt (Chargers).

Of the 28 snappers on Twitter, 19 of them have are verified accounts with a blue check.  Those without the blue check are Beau Brinkley (Titans), Jeremy Cain (Bears), Thomas Gafford (Chiefs), LP Ladouceur (Cowboys), Mike Leach (Cardinals), Cullen Loeffler (Vikings), Don Muhlbach (Lions), Kyle Nelson (49ers) and Tanner Purdum (Jets).

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