Week Five in Review

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Week Five featured some more big special teams plays,  including the Eagles blocking a punt against the Rams for a touchdown, the Browns blocking a Titans punt for a safety, the Niners converting a fake punt late in the game against the Chiefs and the Seahawks also converting a fake punt late against the Redskins.  All four teams won their games.

Browns snapper Christian Yount rebounded with a solid game Sunday and even recorded a tackle in punt coverage.  Earlier in the week, the Browns added Charley Hughlett to the practice squad in case he was needed.  Yount’s troubles led to an in-depth article on ESPNCleveland.com that looked into the psychology of snappers and featured my own insight into the situation.

In addition to Yount’s tackle, Cullen Loeffler (Vikings), Andrew DePaola (Buccaneers), Mike Leach (Cardinals) and Clark Harris (Bengals) added solo tackles.  The NFL Long Snappers Chart after Week Five is below.

Week Five NFL Long Snappers Chart

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