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Although only a few long snappers signed contracts after the Draft, many more are being given opportunities to perform at rookie mini-camps over the next two weekends.  Not all teams release information about tryout players, but my research has found at least 15 snappers who have been given tryouts.  Below is a list of names and teams.  Many of the snappers are from this year’s Draft class, although a few are from prior draft classes.

Atlanta: George Makridis

Carolina: Dax Dellenbach

Chicago: Craig Montgomery

Denver: Tanner Hedstrom

Detroit: Ryan Iverson

Green Bay: Bryan Whitaker

Houston: Chris Maikranz

New Orleans: Jareth Glanda

Jets: Kyle Stetler

San Francisco: James Davenport

Seattle: Jake Edmiston

Tampa Bay: Drew Howell and Mike Yerry

Tennessee: Jon Akemon

Washington: JR Carr




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