Potential Free Agent Long Snappers and Future Signings

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Although it is very rare for a snapper to change teams during veteran free agency, a handful have earned the right to obtain offers from other teams when free agency commences in March.

Five snappers are unrestricted free agents and can sign anywhere if not re-signed by their clubs.  Patrick Mannelly (Bears), Don Muhlbach (Lions), Thomas Gafford (Chiefs), Greg Warren (Steelers) and Andrew Economos (Bucs) will all be unrestricted free agents for the 2014 season.  Just one snapper, Danny Aiken (Patriots), is a restricted free agent.  Restricted free agency means the Patriots can offer Aiken a one year deal that gives them the right to match any offers he may be given from another club.

A few teams have already signed snappers for next year to reserve/future contracts including Brandon Hartson (Bears), client Patrick Scales (Bucs) and Bryce Davis (Steelers).  There may be another snapper or two added by clubs over the coming weeks.

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