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Today is the first required cut down day in the NFL.  Each team is now limited to 75 players on the roster and must be down to 53 by Friday.  A number of teams have let go of snappers as they reached the first roster limit.  The biggest move involved the Jaguars, who released veteran Jeremy Cain and waived rookie Luke Ingram.  Carson Tinker, a rookie from Alabama, will snap for the Jags this season.

Other snappers that were cut included P.J. Mangieri (Cowboys), James Winchester (Eagles), Patrick Scales (Jets), Kyle Nelson (Seahawks), Jorgen Hus (Rams), Mike Zupancic (Patriots) and Brad Madison (Chiefs).  Madison was a defensive lineman and snapper for Missouri and was not previously mentioned here as a snapper.

Two snappers, John Denney (Dolphins) and client Clint Gresham (Seahawks), signed new deals in the last week.  Denney signed a deal that lasts through 2016 and Gresham’s deal will expire after the 2014 season.

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