Signings and Shrieking

Snapping Moves

There was some snapping news during the second weekend of NFL pre-season games, as the Dolphins announced the signing of veteran snapper John Denney to a three-year extension.  Denney would have been an unrestricted free agent at the end of the season and his new deal extends until the 2016 season.

In addition to this signing, another snapper became the subject of a Wall Street Journal story on his shrieking.  Zak DeOssie, the Giants snapper, made news due to his unique skills during punt coverage.  When running downfield, DeOssie “emits a piercing, high-pitched howl” to make his presence known.  The tactic is apparently in a gray area as to whether it is legal, but there are no reported incidents of a flag being thrown for this potentially distracting action.  Although it is unclear what effect the shrieking has, DeOssie is always one of the leading tacklers among snappers each year.

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