LS Signings and Tryouts Update

NFL Long Snappers

Most NFL teams will conduct their three day mini-camps starting tomorrow, although a few teams conducted their camps last weekend.   After the Draft, six rookie long snappers signed contracts, while a number of other rookies have been invited to mini-camp without a contract.

Below are the signings and mini-camp invites for rookie snappers.  Street free agent snapper and client Nick Guess also signed a contract with the Raiders, while other snappers from prior Draft classes attended, or will attend, mini-camps on a tryout basis, including Scott Albritton (Vikings) and Corey Adams (Broncos).

Rookie LS Signing Contracts: Mike Zupancic (Patriots); Luke Ingram (Steelers); Carson Tinker (Jaguars); Adam Steiner (Raiders); Kevin McDermott (49ers) and Jorgen Hus (Rams)

Rookie LS Tryouts: P.J. Mangieri (Jets); Jordan Cowart (Redskins); Dax Dellenbach (Seahawks); Brandon Gabbard (Giants); Adam Nelson (Chiefs); Tyler Morgan (Panthers/Falcons); Jesse Smitherman (Cowboys)

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