Week Fourteen in Review

Kevin Gold

Week Fourteen is complete and was relatively uneventful at the snapping position.  Perhaps the biggest news occurred off the field, as it was revealed by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell in an interview with Time magazine that the NFL is considered eliminating the kickoff.  The concept is to avoid the dangerous collisions that tend to occur on kickoffs.

An alternative being discussed could benefit snappers, as teams would be given the ball at their own 30 yard line after a score.  It would be a fourth and 15 play in which the team could either go for it or punt.  This move could increase the number of punts in a game.

49ers snapper Brian Jennings was featured in an ESPN.com story on how he uses yoga to keep his body in balance.  Yoga is a big part of his “wellness lifestyle”, which includes other elements such as massages, acupuncture, nutrition and supplements.  Jennings is a certified yoga instructor and believes that yoga has helped his posture, range of motion as well as his balance.

Snappers Beau Brinkley (Titans), Andrew Economos (Bucs), Garrison Sanborn (Bills) and Zak DeOssie (Giants) had solo tackles, while Morgan Cox (Ravens) has an assisted tackle.

The Week Fourteen NFL Long Snappers Chart is below.

Week Fourteen NFL Long Snappers Chart

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