Week Nine in Review

Week Nine is complete and was without any major snapping incidents or injuries.  However, despite a strong year to date for kickers, there were numerous missed kicks this week.

In addition, there was a significant amount of news off the field involving snappers.   Hurricane Sandy devastated many people and Clark Harris of the Bengals may have been one of those directly impacted.  Harris has an off-season home in Manahawkin, New Jersey, one of the many areas that suffered substantial damage.  According to recent reports, Harris was unsure about the extent of the damage to his home.

Brian Burke, the creator of the website Advanced NFL Stats, suggested in a recent column in The Washington Post that the extra point should be eliminated from the pro game.  Burke noted the success rate of 99% makes the play virtually automatic and its elimination could reduce injuries and speed up the game.

Finally, Tim Layden of Sports Illustrated wrote a detailed piece on the 63 yard field goal, entitled “The Last Days of 63.”  Since Tom Dempsey of the Saints kicked a 63 yard field goal in 1970, the record kick has been tied on a number of occasions, but not surpassed.  This year, kickers have been very accurate, especially from long range, with this week being a rare exception.  Jets special teams coach Mike Westhoff noted that the kicking operation, from snap to hold to kick, is better and “more efficient than ever”.

Five snappers had solo tackles this week, including Aaron Brewer (Broncos), Brett Goode (Packers), Jonathan Weeks (Texans), Zak DeOssie (Giants) and Jon Condo (Raiders).  Weeks and DeOssie’s tackles were assisted ones.

The NFL Long Snappers Chart through Week Nine is below.

Week Nine NFL Long Snappers Chart

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