Zauner Programs Help Produce NFL Snappers

In a popular post earlier this year, I discussed some of the options available to a long snapper who is trying to play at the professional level.  One such option that appears to be increasing in its value are the programs run by former NFL special teams coach, Gary Zauner.  Zauner organizes combines for specialists eligible for the NFL Draft and for free agents.  He also offers other developmental programs for snappers and kickers.

Zauner recently blogged about the snappers he has helped get to the NFL, including current snappers Nick Sundberg (Redskins), Jonathan Weeks (Texans), Matt Overton (Colts), Morgan Cox (Ravens), Justin Drescher (Saints), Christian Yount (Browns), Beau Brinkley (Titans) and Jeremy Cain (Jaguars).   Zauner has always understood the importance of a good snapper and calls them “the vital man” in the kicking game.

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