Broncos Explain Snapping Decision

One of the more notable cuts as teams got down to 75 players on Monday was the Broncos decision to release veteran snapper Lonie Paxton in favor of rookie Aaron Brewer.  Broncos head coach John Fox explained the move this week and gave some insight into what it takes for a younger snapper to unseat a veteran.

“He’s an exceptional athlete” according to Fox. “A lot of times with a snapper one of the things you look at is the protection element. He is like a center on the offensive line. He picked that up very, very quickly. He’s very athletic so he’s a really good cover guy for a center. A lot of times, people on punt returns don’t count that guy. We just felt great about his upside and his performance in the preseason games.”

With the final cuts due Friday evening, just four teams (Falcons, Bengals, Colts and Niners) have two snappers in camp.

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