Championship Round Game Brings Snapper Back in Spotlight

Sunday’s NFC Championship game between the Giants and 49ers has thrust snapper Trey Junkin back in the headlines.  Nine years ago, the Giants brought the veteran snapper out of retirement to snap in the Wild Card game between the same clubs.  Junkin, who spent 19 seasons at the top of his profession, had two bad snaps in the game, including one at the end of the game on a field goal attempt that would have won the game for the Giants.

Junkin’s story is one that is still discussed from time to time when long snappers are mentioned and this weekend’s playoff rematch has created an even more compelling reason for the events of that day to be retold.  To his credit, Junkin has always faced the issue head on and accepted his responsbility for the snaps.

Kevin Armstrong of the New York Daily News did an extensive story this week on the events of that day and how Junkin deals with it now.   Junkin admits that he still thinks about the snaps “every day.”

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