Snapping Moves After the First Round of Cuts

NFL rosters have now been reduced to 80 and, as part of the reduction, both rookie and veteran snappers were involved.  Among the biggest moves was the Chargers releasing veteran David Binn, who spent 17 seasons and 256 regular season games with the club.  Mike Windt, who filled in for Binn and a host of other injured Chargers snappers last season, will assume the snapping duties again this season. 

Veteran snapper Matt Katula, who returned to the NFL last season for the Patriots, was also released in favor of James Dearth, who was injured last season after signing with the Chargers.  Chris Massey, who was signed just a few days ago by the Panthers, was also released, leaving J.J. Jansen to continue in that role for the Panthers.

Rookie free agents who have been let go in the last few weeks include Wilson Raynor (Jets), Corey Adams (Cowboys), Andrew Schulze (Falcons) and John Stokes (Titans).’s NFL Long Snappers Chart will be updated for the start of the regular season after final cuts are made on Saturday.

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