Snapping Situation after Preseason Week One

Week One of the Preseason is now complete and some recent undrafted free agents are no longer competing at the snapping position.  Some position players with snapping ability have been waived, including Ryan Coulson (Patriots) and Harry Flaherty (Saints, originally reported as signing with the Giants).  One recent signing was Scott Albritton (Colorado State), who was added by the Texans Sunday after Jon Weeks hurt his ankle.  Albritton handled all of the snaps last night against the Jets.

Among the undrafted rookie snappers that saw game action include Patrick Scales (Ravens) and Christian Yount (Bucs), who handled all of their team’s snaps.  Danny Aiken (Bills), Corey Adams (Cowboys), Kyle Nelson (Saints) and Jake McQuaide (Rams) all handled at least some snaps in their games, while Andrew Schulze (Falcons), John Stokes (Titans) and Wilson Raynor (Jets) did not.

The 2011 NFL Long Snappers Chart training camp edition is below.

2011 NFL Long Snappers Chart (Training Camp)

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