NFL Snappers in Training Camp

NFL training camps are now opening across the league and a number of snapping prospects endured a long wait to sign their first NFL contract and compete for a job.

Below are the various undrafted rookie free agent signings involving snappers to date.  Some rookies listed also play another position in addition to having snapping experience, while others are pure snappers.

Atlanta-Tom McCarthy (Yale); Andrew Schulze (Iowa)

Baltimore-Patrick Scales (Utah State)

Buffalo-Danny Aiken (Virginia)

Cincinnati-Neal Dahlman (Bowling Green)

Dallas-Corey Adams (Kansas State)

Jacksonville-Kyle Miller (Mount Union)

New England-Ryan Coulson (Nevada)

New Orleans-Kyle Nelson (New Mexico State)

Giants-Harry Flaherty (Princeton)

Pittsburgh-Derek Chard (Connecticut)

St. Louis-Jake McQuaide (Ohio State)

Tampa Bay-Christian Yount (UCLA); Aaron Feld (Mississippi State)

Tennessee-John Stokes (Vanderbilt)

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