Long Snappers and Madden NFL

Since Longsnap.com started in 2000, the visibility of the otherwise anonymous long snapper has been raised significantly.  For example, snappers are selected to the Pro Bowl, chosen in the NFL Draft, invited to the college all-star games and NFL Combine among other things.  However, the snapper is rarely including in the well-known EA Sports video game Madden NFL, including the latest version Madden NFL 11.

Vikings snapper Cullen Loefller, who has never appeared in the game despite being in his 7th season, received some media attention for his apparent dismay at the exclusion of snappers.  Only Giant snapper Zak DeOssie appears in this year’s version.  Loeffler’s story was picked up by many newspapers, radio programs and even ESPN.  EA Sports ultimately responded, noting that the game rosters are limited to 55 and that they “prioritize impact positions over specialists.”  In the past, there were other video games, including 2K Sports’ NFL 2K series, that included a number of long snappers.

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