NFL Season Wrap-Up

The Saints victory over the Colts in the Super Bowl on Sunday gave veteran snapper Jason Kyle his first Super Bowl ring.  The NFL off-season is now getting started and the labor negotiations for a new Collective Bargaining Agreement will be critical to ensuring labor peace.

During the 2009 season, there were snapper changes in Cincinnati, St. Louis, Atlanta, Detroit, Houston, Pittsburgh and Seattle related to either performance or injury.

Looking ahead to free agency that begins in March, a number of snappers will be unrestricted free agents, including  Mike Schneck (Falcons), Joe Zelenka (Falcons), client Bryan Pittman (Texans), Jason Kyle (Saints), James Dearth (Jets), Jeff Robinson (Seahawks), Ken Amato (Titans) and Ethan Albright (Redskins).  Restricted free agents, for which teams have the right to match any offer, include Jon Condo (Raiders) and Ryan Neill (Rams).

In the last few weeks, a few teams have signed snappers to contracts for next season, including Nick Sundberg (Redskins) and Tanner Purdum (Jets).  In addition, it is expected that the Seahawks will be adding to its roster former UFL snapper Matt Overton and former CFL snapper Pat MacDonald.

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