Last Chance to Purchase Book on Playing Professional Football

A few years ago, I wrote a chapter in the book “FOOTBALL Rising to the Challenge: The Transition from College to Pro” entitled “Representing Players on the Fringe: An Agent’s Perspective.”  Until February 1st, readers can purchase the book by clicking on this link.

However, after February 1st, the link to this valuable book will be removed, so if you are interested in reading more about making it in professional football, this is the book for you.

In the release describing the book, it notes that:

This book will help your athletes learn to expect certain challenges and to overcome them. It includes advice on financial career aspects; agent issues; mental and emotional preparation; dealing with the media; balancing personal goals with team interests; and endorsement deals. This volume has forty-seven original essays written by more than thirty-five well-known professional athletes, college and professional coaches, NFL team and league administrators, agents, lawyers and others who have experience in the field.



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