Week Twelve in Review

Week Twelve is now complete and included some interesting back stories.  Chargers veteran snapper Dave Binn played in his 250th consecutive game against the Chiefs.  Binn, who was an undrafted free agent from Cal in 2004, did not expect to last long with the Chargers as a backup tight end or H-back, but found his niche as the snapper.  To put his longevity in perspective, Binn has played in one-third of the Chargers games in their history.  In his 250th game Sunday, Binn added yet another solo tackle.

Jets snapper James Dearth, who played in his 139th consecutive game against the Panthers, was featured in The New York Times Sunday profiling the off-field struggles he has faced this season.  His father has cancer and his mother died unexpectedly a few weeks ago, but Dearth has perservered despite these issues and remained a perfectionist on the field.  The full article is linked below.

Dearth New York Times

On the tackle front, in addition to Binn’s solo tackle, Ken Amato of the Titans had a solo tackle, while Ryan Pontbriand of the Browns had an assisted tackle.  The NFL Long Snappers chart is now updated.

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