Snappers in Other Pro Leagues

For snappers, there is life beyond the NFL, at least this year.  The new United Football League has just concluded its inaugural regular season and gave some snappers increased exposure.  Meanwhile, the Canadian Football League, which has been around for over 50 years, is in the midst of the playoff rounds.  The CFL traditionally uses Canadian snappers since roster spots for import players are limited.

The UFL snappers remained constant during its short season.  Nick Sundberg (California), Rigo Morales (Las Vegas), Jared Retkofsky (Las Vegas) and Matt Overton (Florida) each handled all the snaps for their teams.  On the CFL side, many veterans snappers continue to fill the rosters.  Snappers this year were Dan McCullough (BC), Taylor Inglis (Edmonton), Randy Chevrier (Calgary), Jocelyn Frennete (Saskatchewan), Chris Cvetkovic (Winnipeg), Jordan Matechuk (Hamilton), Steve Schmidt (Toronto) and Martin Bedard (Montreal).

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