Snapping in the NFL from College

With only 32 snapping jobs in the NFL and many held by veterans each year, securing a position snapping in the NFL is one of the most difficult things to do in professional sports.  As mentioned in prior posts, the 80 man training camp roster adds to this difficulty, with many teams unable to carry an extra snapper into camp for development purposes.  Other factors may also contribute to this problem as well.

For example, former NFL special teams coach Gary Zauner has developed an excellent training program for NFL kickers, punters and snappers.  In a recent post on his blog, linked below, Coach Zauner writes about his work with Clint Mower of Utah, who was a top snapping prospect for this year’s Draft.  Mower, like many of the top college snappers, has not gotten a chance with an NFL team.  In his post, Zauner notes that some snappers, including Mower, may be unfairly downgraded by pro scouts because they are not required to block, but must simply snap and cover.  Almost all NFL teams want their snapper to be able to block and protect and the failure to develop these skills in college may harm some snapping prospects with professional aspirations.

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