NFL Snapping Update Before Training Camps

NFL teams are now done with official off-season activities until training camps open in July.  Recently, snappers Dan Godsil (Buccaneers) and Christian Kuntz (Jaguars) were waived, leaving both teams without a second snapper.  A total of 12 teams (Falcons, Ravens, Bears, Cowboys, Chargers, Dolphins, Vikings, Saints, Giants, Raiders, 49ers and Redskins) currently have two snappers on the roster heading to training camp.

Before leaving for the break, Luke Rhodes of the Colts signed a new deal that adds four years to his existing contract and also made him the highest paid long snapper in the NFL.

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2019 CFL Long Snappers

The Canadian Football League regular season started last night and, like the NFL, the long snapping position generally remains stable.  Two snappers differ from last year’s opening day rosters, as Tanner Doll now starts in British Columbia and Aaron Crawford snaps for Hamilton.

The starting long snappers for each CFL team are below.

British Columbia 40 Tanner Doll

Calgary 54 Pierre-Luc Caron

Edmonton 53 Ryan King

Hamilton 47 Aaron Crawford

Montreal 37 Martin Bedard

Ottawa 50 Louis-Phillippe Bourassa

Saskatchewan 46 Jorgen Hus

Toronto 58 Jake Reinhart

Winnipeg 46 Chad Rempel

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Summary of NFL Draft Snapping Transactions

NFL rookie mini-camps ended Sunday and below is a summary of the recent activity at the snapping position regarding those drafted, signed or offered tryouts since the NFL Draft.  Only certain mini-camp tryouts are made public and some are reported incorrectly as contract signings.  Further, depending on the timing, some snappers were able to attend two mini-camps.  Some of the tryout snappers have prior NFL experience, having either been in training camp or having attended prior mini-camp tryouts.

If there are any snappers missing from this list, please let me know by emailing me at


Austin Cutting (Air Force/Vikings)


Kyle Casey (Penn State/Falcons)

Matt Orzech (Azusa Pacific/Ravens)

John Wirtel (Kansas/Bears)

Wes Farnsworth (Nevada/Dolphins)

Nick Moore (Georgia/Saints)

Dan Godsil (Indiana/Buccaneers)


Joe Fortunato (Delaware/Giants)

Nick Reinhardt (Arizona/Browns)

Luke Idoni (Central Michigan/Bears and Lions)

Jacob Bobenmoyer (Northern Colorado/Bears and Broncos)

Patrick Eby (Columbia/Packers)

Owen Gilbert (Marian/Colts)

Lucas Gravelle (TCU/Raiders)

Chris Wilkerson (Stephen F. Austin/49ers and Titans)

Mitchell Fraboni (Arizona State/Cardinals)

Matt Tunnacliffe (Dayton/Bengals)

Tyler Heinsma (Mesa State/Texans)

Anthony Kukwa (Lake Erie/Texans)

AJ Hantak (Eastern Illinois/Patriots)

Drew Ferris (Florida/Redskins)

Zach Roberts (Georgia Tech/Redskins)



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Experienced Snappers Earn Mini-Camp Tryouts

While many NFL team either sign or invite rookie long snappers into mini-camp, some teams use the opportunity to invite an experienced snapper.  At least three snappers with prior mini-camp experience have earned tryouts again this season.

The three that have been identified so far are AJ Hantak (New England), Lucas Gravelle (Oakland) and Mitch Fraboni (Arizona).

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Cutting Drafted by Vikings; Other Snapper Signings and Tryouts

At least one snapper has been drafted each of the last five NFL Drafts, as Austin Cutting from Air Force kept the streak going when he was selected by the Vikings in the Seventh Round today.  Cutting is reportedly working on postponing his military commitment to join the Vikings.

After the Draft ended tonight, there was a flurry of signings and tryouts.  Since tryouts often get mistakenly reported as contracts, I am going to list all of the snappers and teams they have been associated with until the information can be confirmed.  Once the details are confirmed, I will provide an update.  Any missing transactions can be emailed to me at

Dan Godsil (Indiana)-Tampa Bay

Nick Moore (Georgia)-New Orleans

Chris Wilkerson (Stephen F. Austin)-San Francisco

Wes Farnsworth (Nevada)-Miami

Patrick Eby (Columbia)-Green Bay

Owen Gilbert (Marian)-Indianapolis

Kyle Vasey (Penn State)-Atlanta

John Wirtel (Kansas)-Chicago

Nick Reinhardt (Arizona)-Cleveland

Matt Orzech (Azusa Pacific)-Baltimore

Austin Frey (Texas A&M)-Kansas City

Jacob Bobbenmoyer (Northern Colorado)-Denver


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Snapping Update for NFL Draft Week

The NFL Draft is just days away.  Saturday will be the big day for snappers, either during the Draft or right after it ends when teams can sign undrafted snappers to contracts or invite them to tryouts.

One team has added a snapper from the now bankrupt AAF, as the Chargers signed Cole Mazza to compete with Mike Windt.  With Mazza signing with the Chargers, six other teams (Cowboys, Jaguars, Giants, Raiders, Niners and Redskins) head into the Draft with two snappers on the roster. will provide immediate updates on Saturday with the latest snapper transactions.  Any signings or tryouts can be reported to

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Snapping Update Before the NFL Draft

With the NFL Draft at the end of this month, it is a good time for an update on recent developments at the snapping position.  Three unrestricted free agent snappers have signed one-year deals to rejoin their teams. They are LP Ladouceur (Cowboys), Zak DeOssie (Giants) and, most recently, client Patrick Scales (Bears).

Garrison Sanborn and Jon Condo are two veteran snappers still on the market and likely candidates should a need develop.  The Cowboys also added Drew Scott to the roster after signing Ladouceur.

The Ravens will have a new special teams coach this season, as long-time coach Jerry Rosburg is retiring. Chris Horton will take his place.

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