NFL Long Snappers

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Below is a list of current NFL long snappers, including their height, weight, school, special teams coach and other key information.

Week Fifteen NFL Long Snappers Chart

The final NFL Long Snappers Chart for the 2010-2013 NFL seasons are below.

2013 NFL Season

2012 NFL Season

2011 NFL Season

2010 NFL Season

The long snapper tackle leaders since the 2000 NFL season are:

2013: 9 DeOssie (NYG), Sanborn (BUF)

2012: 8 DeOssie (NYG)

2011: 10 DeOssie (NYG)

2010: 8 Leach (ARI)

2009: 10 Condo (OAK)

2008: 8 St. Louis (CIN)

2007: 9 Neill (BUF)

2006: 6 Davis (GB), Jennings (SF), Leach (DEN)

2005: 8 Katula (BAL)

2004: 8 Dorenbos (PHI)

2003: 8 Binn (SD)

2002: 8 St. Louis (CIN)

2001: 9 Mannelly (CHI)

2000: 7 Aldridge (DET), Banta (NYJ), Snow (IND), Jennings (SF)





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